Breast Implants

In deciding to have breast implant surgery patients are given full information about the options for their surgery, including advice with regards to the type of breast implants to be used, the shape and size of suitable implants and the appropriate positioning of implants.

All patients are seen by Dr Scarlett personally for appraisal and medical assessment prior to decisions about the implants.

The preliminary consultation usually discusses what the patient’s expectations are for their post surgery image, benefits and complications that could occur and the cost.

If the patient decides to proceed with breast implants we will then measure and assess the most appropriate implant size for their body type and size.

The size and aesthetics you wish to achieve with your breast augmentation are personal choices and are up to you. However, many issues should be considered in determining your size. Such as:

  • Do I want my breasts to look natural; a little augmented; or obviously augmented?
  • How will my breast implants affect my lifestyle, such as athletic activities?
  • How will my breast implants affect available bra and clothing choices?
  • How will my breast implants affect the health and aging of my breasts?
  • Will my breast implants put me at high risk for having visible implant ripples?
  • Will my breast implants put me at high risk for needing a breast lift later in life?
  • Will my breast implants affect posture and lead to back and shoulder pain, such as can occur in women with very large, natural breasts?
  • Will the size I am choosing now be desirable for me 10 or 20 years from now?

As a general rule, very large breast implants will obviously look unnatural and will put you at risk for many of the problems listed above. That is, very large implants will likely cause accelerated aging of the breasts that may lead to sagging, tissue thinning, implant visibility (including visible ripples), and the need to re-operate to treat these problems. In severe cases, such problems may not be correctable with additional surgery.

Other Cosmetic Surgery

If you are having other cosmetic surgery, Dr Scarlett will have a full medical consultation with you to discuss your needs and what expectations of body image you have and to give you a full examination.

At this consultation there is a discussion of the benefits and complications of your anticipated surgery that could occur and the cost.

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