Recovery / Post-Op Care

Instructions for Post-surgery Care

After your operation you will be given written instructions on do’s and don’ts. The major focus after the operation is to keep you comfortable and to get you back to normal activities as soon as possible.

Pain Relief

After any operation there is some discomfort. We aim to minimise your discomfort through use of local anaesthetics during your operation and provision of analgesic medication to take after you go home. It is always a good idea to have a low threshold for taking pain relief early, to stay on top of any discomfort, rather than play catch with pain.

Fast Recovery

The technique that I use for Breast Implants was developed in the United States. It helps to produce less discomfort and allow quicker return to non-exertional activities. This can be achieved through careful dissection of anatomic planes and use of electrocautery surgical techniques. We aim for a minimal pain relief requirement in the post-operative period.


All surgical wounds are covered with adhesive tape, which protects the wound and allows showering without having to change dressings. The surgical tape is left on for 1 to 3 weeks, depending on your operation. This allows a wide range of activities to be performed without compromising healing.

Follow Up Appointments

You will be given an appointment for follow up after your operation at the time of your procedure. Appointments are given for 1 to 3 weeks after your operation and further follow up appointments are advised periodically until you are fully recovered from your operation.

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